Content Management

Nowadays no one makes web pages by hand so it was inevitable for me to aquaint myself with the world of content management systems (CMSs). Since I'm highly interested in how to present, organize a given topic on the web, then preseting even larger amounts of content to the reader, I've deepened my knowledge in this topic more than the average.

Wiki Systems

Among web-based content management systems I'm mainly interested in the wiki systems. Though the take-off of these kinds of pages has been held off in recent years I'm still seeing a great potential in them, that's why I've aquainted myself with several different wiki systems.


I started creating web pages in 2004 using the Plone content manager, the first person in Hungary to do so. I've been using this CMS since then for most tasks. Since the largest and most visited Hungarian Plone-based pages can be traced back to me my experience regarding this field is not negligible.

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