During the last years I have got acquainted with many areas of web development: in addition to SEO and SEM — which belongs to my core business — I have been working with content management systems, web site localization and web design.

Search Engine Optimization

I am mostly refered to as a search engine optimization expert as I'm best at getting better persistent rankings with the aid of the content of a web page and external links pointing to it thus attracting higher rate of visitors from the result pages of the Google search engine.

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Search Engine Marketing

Since it's closely related to search engine optimization, it's natural that I've accumulated diversified knowledge and years of practical experience in sponsored advertising in search engines, in handling search engine management systems and in running search engine marketing campaigns.

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Content Management

Nowadays no one makes web pages by hand so it was inevitable for me to aquaint myself with the world of content management systems (CMSs). Since I'm highly interested in how to present, organize a given topic on the web, then preseting even larger amounts of content to the reader, I've deepened my knowledge in this topic more than the average.

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I speak four languages and has learned at least the same amount during my life in addition to these, so I only got real confused when I stumble upon Chinese or Japanese web pages. Accordingly I've dealt with the localization issues of both software products and multi-language web pages and advertising campaigns rather often.

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Web Design

Still, visual designing is the closest thing to my original degree, so I'm familiar with the basics of desktop publishing, typography and web design. Formerly the look of many web pages, publications, posters, etc had my touch on them, but nowadays I rarely have time to engage myself in this.

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